Yoga Community 
in Newcastle upon Tyne 

Kaleidoscope Yoga's goal is to provide an inspiring, supportive, and fun environment to practice yoga. 

Yoga isn't just about physical postures, or fancy-pants poses you see on social media. 
It's a journey of self discovery. 

Why not start your journey now? Get strong in body mind.


"I have been to various yoga classes over the years and Kate's are definitely my favourite. Her classes have just the right balance of exercise, fun and yoga philosophy. I feel I can push myself if I want a challenge, but never feel pressured to go further than I feel comfortable. Kate is such a warm and welcoming person, it is hard not to have fun at her classes! If I miss a week's class, I miss Kate's injection of wellbeing as much as the yoga." C. Slater 


"Kate is a brilliant yoga teacher every class is varied which makes it interesting!!  Her classes are for complete beginners as well as more advanced yogis.  She ensures you are always working at the right level for  you.  I have fibromyalgia and it really helps with my pain."  L. Charlton


"Excellent yoga teacher!  Kate, is the best yoga teacher I have ever  had.  Very clear in explanations, friendly and focused on ensuring you enjoy the yoga and get the best out of the experience" K. Scott

"I fully recommend Kaleidoscope Yoga, since starting Kate has helped me overcome some niggling injuries and introduced me to a Yoga fueled life. I always look forward to class- a place where I can push myself (if I want to), learn and relax!"  M. Parker