Restorative Yoga

What's the craic anyway?

Restorative Yoga is a nurturing practice releasing deep tension within the body and mind.  Yoga asanas are held with the support of various props so it's a practice of being instead of doing.  In the chaos of living we often forget how to let go and relax.  Restorative Yoga allows the opportunity to nourish yourself and actually retrains your nervous system to find relaxation by focusing on the concept of active rest.  It is a practice of letting go and surrendering to the breath.  

Revive your body and spirit by allowing yourself to sink down into a delicious state of relaxation.  You will leave this session feeling reconnected, rejuvenated and revitalized.  It's better than a day at the spa and I like to call it Diva Yoga :)  

Restorative sessions are a wonderful complement to your regular yoga practice but also perfect for beginners. Techniques are used to quiet the mind including; visualizations, breath awareness, and sounding.   If you feel stressed or suffer with chronic pain, debilitating conditions, or insomnia, Restorative Yoga may be able to help. 

 All Restorative Sessions must be booked and prepaid in advance.  Book here.
                                        I am a fully qualified Restorative Yoga teacher. Treat yourself and be a Diva for the night!                                                                    Due to the popularity of the class there are no refunds or exchanges for late cancellations (12hrs) 

"Better than a spa treatment. Heavenly!" G. Kurc


Cost is £13

Trinity Church Centre 
High Street, Gosforth
Newcastle, NE3 4AG 
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October 8 
November 5 
December 3 

I didn't realise how stressed I was until I was challenged to just be.  It's been the best medicine!  Anonymous 


Cost is £13

Kingston Park Community Centre
Brunton Lane, Kingston Park  
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                                         October 25
                                        November 22