New to yoga?

Here is some good news: You don't have to be strong and flexible to practice yoga! 
Through the practice of yoga you may find that you do start to feel stronger, more flexible, and less stressed. 


Beginner Course
6 week course costing £45

Wednesdays 6-7

Always wanted to start yoga?

Course start dates:

18th April 2018
30th May 2018
12th September 2018
24th October 2018
9th January 2019

There can be a lot of fear around entering a yoga class. I felt it myself when I was first starting my yoga journey.  This course is designed to teach you the basics and build up your confidence to enter any yoga class.  If there is a chance you will miss a session you won't be left behind.  Everything learned each week gets reviewed the following week. Contact me with any questions or to book. 

Course held at the Kingston Park Community Centre.
Invest in yourself, £45 for 6 week course.
This course needs to be booked in advanced so please get in touch. 

Yoga Etiquette:

Never been to a yoga class?  Here are some things to know.

    Do your best to arrive early for class: 
  • Especially if it's your first class! I really like to welcome new students and it's important we can have a chat about any problem areas or health conditions.
  • If you do arrive a bit late, don't worry! It's totally fine, you made it, so great :) If I'm talking maybe just wait quietly by the door until I motion you to come in.  

    What to bring:  

  • Bring a yoga mat, warm clothing for relaxation and water.
  • Having a blanket is very useful to keep you warm during relaxation and can also be used as a prop.
  • Props can make a huge difference to your practice and can be purchased on various websites.  Some helpful props are belts, blocks, bolsters and an eye bag for relaxation.
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothing

   Before class:

  • Remove your shoes and socks, yoga is done with bare feet.
  • Please make sure your mobile phone is shut off or on silent.
  • Try not to eat a large meal prior to class.
  • If you have a health condition or injury please tell me!


  • Ask questions!  Feel free to ask a question during practice or if you would prefer speak to me before or after class about anything that wasn't clear.
  • Let go of the competitive mind set.  Be kind and loving towards yourself. 
  • Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are.  Practice your yoga.

  • Observe how your mind and body feel.  Hopefully in time you will begin to take the bliss you find on your mat into your everyday life.