Online Class Schedule

Mondays: 18-19 Hatha Flow
Tuesdays: 7:30-8 Rise & Shine: Yoga to start the day
Wednesdays: 19:15-20:15 Hatha Flow

Fridays: 8-8:30 Rise & Shine: Yoga to start the day.

Monthly Restorative: First Wednesday of the month: 20:30-21:15
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I would be very grateful for your patience while I learn to teach in this new way and navigate the inevitable technology glitches.  Thank you and Namaste.

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure that you are fit and well to practice Yoga as Kaleidoscope Yoga accepts no liability for injuries/negative consequences while practicing in your home. I will do my best to hold space, and keep you safe, and I would be grateful if you could do the same by making choices that are right for your body. Namaste.

Information about attending class 

You will need to download Zoom for client meetings hereFind a tutorial about Zoom here.

To access class, click on the pink buttons below and enter password. If link doesn't work, open Zoom, type in Meeting ID and then password.

Any questions or problems get in touch.

Meeting ID: 783-028-061 Password:286047

Meeting ID: 394-773-357 Password: 306818

Meeting ID: 367-279-373 Password: 330698

Meeting ID: 
485-343-904 Password: 518103

Please log in 5 minutes before class to get yourself set up and iron out any tech issues. To avoid disruption of class late entry may not be possible so please be an early bird :)  

We can all have a chat, and then I will ask you to please mute your microphones to avoid feedback/background noise.  If you need to ask a question, you can unmute and ask at any time.  At the end of class you can unmute and we can all have a chat again. You can play your own music if you like, or if you are on Spotify I will be making the playlist public so you can listen on your device at home. My username on Spotify is Kate Cowen.

Above is our new way of connecting and below is a little inside view to where I'm joining you for Yoga class each week.  Sadly, my task master, BooDog won't be joining us, she's a huge distraction :)

All the other bits...

How much does it cost and how do I pay?
Classes will run on a donation basis.  If you are being hit hard financially by Covid-19 come for free.
Suggested donation is £5 per hour session, or £3 for 30 minutes.  If you would like to pay for unlimited classes a week, suggested donation is £12.

Payment will be taken by BAC to the account below 

Please use your name as the reference 



Using class passes/block bookings:
If you have purchased a block booking prior to class cancellation then you will be £14 in credit, or £21 depending on which class you normally attend.  Please subtract your chosen donation from your credits. If using a class pass, instead of subtracting by class number, subtract by donation amount. For example, if you have just purchased a new pass you have £75 credit, if you've already attended 3 classes on your pass then you have £52.50 credit.  

What to expect from class?

Some experience of Yoga will be helpful, as I'm not able to support individually like in a face to face class, however beginners are very welcome. 

Classes follow a weekly theme and there will be variations between the morning and evening practices.  My aim is to keep the practice similar, changing it weekly.  The reason for this, is that finding routine during this uncertain time is important.  With familiarity comes less thinking, allowing more focus on the breath, which will help to quiet the chatter of the mind, which we need more than ever right now.  If you plan on taking multiple classes I hope you will feel the body opening more to certain postures by the end of the week, and most importantly when you're not guessing about what's next, you can truly sink into the breath and let your movement be a meditation.  Then, a new week, a new theme and new physical sequence.  As always, I look forward to your feedback/comments/suggestions.

What will I need?

A Yoga mat and space in your house.

Optional extras: Yoga block, blanket and/or towel. If you don’t have a Yoga block, get creative with items in your home. A book, or shoe box, stool or chair. Anything that will help bring the floor to you or allow your practice to be more adaptable to your needs. 

When choosing a blanket, let it be ‘sturdy’ enough to support your body, as it might be used in posture work, a towel also works very well and often stays in place better than a blanket.