Kaleidoscope Yoga Channel

 After years of requests, at last (drum roll), the community channel is here!  

You will find a library of videos most having been filmed live during online Zoom classes.  Many, (the ones where I'm super awkward!) I've gone back to re-record from previous Zoom sessions.  There are also some random flows, and tutorials for beginners.  I will upload our Zoom sessions each week.

Creating this channel has forced me to overcome a ton of insecurities and aversions.  What I've learned is that  I'm terrible in front of the camera, ha!  I have also cultivated a deep admiration for all the online, video making, Yoga teachers who have paved the way; y'all are amazing!  

Please excuse the very amateur production quality, the videos aren't perfect because I'm not perfect.  Isn't perfection overrated anyway?   Although the videos were recorded in HD, they look pretty junky on YouTube, so I'm going to be looking into an alternative platform, but at least you can enjoy them in the interim. 

I'm offering this channel completely free for now.  However, if you would like to make a monthly donation, it will be gratefully accepted.  You can find payment information on the 'online classes' page HERE

Please 'subscribe' to the channel, mainly so I can track numbers.  If people are using it then I will keep upping my technology game.  
I really hope you love it!